The Existence of God

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  • The Existence of God
    • Key Words
      • Trinity
      • Son
        • Human
        • Saviour
          • Sacrificed himself to save humans
      • Holy Spirit
        • Dove
        • Omnipresent
      • Monotheistic
        • One God with three parts to him
      • Incarnation
        • 'Became flesh' - God in human form
      • Human and Divine
        • God and human both at the same time
    • Arguments
      • The Cosmological Argument
        • Also known as the Causation Argument
        • St Thomas Aquinas
          • 11th/12th century
        • Nothing can happen by itself
          • Everything that happens must be caused by something else
            • The universe couldn't happen by itself
              • A powerful cause must have brought it into being.
                • The cause must be God
                  • God exists
        • Remember dominos!
      • The Teleological Argument
        • Also known as the Design Argument
        • William Paley
          • 18th century
            • He said...
              • 'All of nature follows laws. Astronomy, physics and chemistry show that from the stars of Heaven to the smallest speck of dust, everything obeys certain laws. The same is true for plants, animals and people.
                • God!
          • Remember the watch
  • A watch can be seen to have been made for a purpose and been carefully constructed. So there must have been a watchmaker. The world shows design to a much greater extent then a watch. Therefore, we must conclude (a much greater) designer.
    • God!


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