The Entry into Jerusalem (11:1-11)

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  • The Entry into Jerusalem (11:1-11)
    • Where?
      • Jerusalem
    • What?
      • Jesus told 2 of his apostles to find a tied up colt. They went and found one and began untying it. People asked them what they were doing and they told them hat Jesus had told them to. Jesus sat on the colt as he entered Jerusalem. People spread their cloaks on the floor, others spread palm leaves
    • When?
      • Just before he goes into the temple
    • Quote?
      • 'Go to the village there ahead of you. As soon as you get there, you will find a colt tied up that has never been ridden. Untie it and bring it here. And if someone asks you why you are dling that, tell him that the master needs it and will send it back at one'
    • Importance?
      • Jesus is shown to be king even though he is going to br pjt to death. The people shouting Hosanna are the same people who condemn Jesus to death
    • Who?
      • Jesus, two apostles and bystanders


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