The fall of the Berlin Wall

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  • The End of the Cold War : The fall of the Berlin Wall
    • Symbol of the end of the Cold War.
    • Shows the effects of reform in Eastern Europe.
    • East Germany was slow to accept perestroika and glasnost.
      • East German government had banned Russian publications in the 1980s as they were too liberal.
      • The Communist Government was unable to contain it's citizens desire for freedom once neighbouring states had abandoned Communism.
    • As soon as democratic elections were announced in Hungary, there was a mass movement of East German citizens through Hungary to West Germany.
      • East German government forced to announce greater freedom of travel for East German citizens.
    • 9th November 1989 - East Germany announced that it's citizens were allowed to cross the border with West Berlin.
    • People were reunited with friends and family who they hadn't seen for 30 years.
    • Opening of Berlin Wall was the first step in the reuniting of Germany.


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