Break-up of Eastern Europe

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  • The End of the Cold War : The Break-up of Eastern Europe
    • December 1988, Gorbachev said that ideology should play a smaller role in Soviet foreign affairs.
      • i.e. USSR would no longer favour trade with Communist states over trade with Capitalist countries.
    • Gorbachev was keen for Eastern European states to enjoy Perestroika and Glasnost.
    • Gorbachev withdrew Soviet troops from Eastern European bases in order to save money.
    • Gorbachev had never intended to weaken Communist control in Eastern Europe.
      • However, once reform had started in the Eastern Bloc, he was unable to contain it.
        • Germany : Communist Party of East Germany declares free elections. Fall of Berlin Wall - 1989. Communist defeated in elections - 1990.
        • Poland : Communist government defeated in free elections - June 1989.
        • Czech Republic/Slovakia : Popular protests lead to overthrow of Communist rule in the 'Velvet Revolution' - November 1989.
        • Hungary : Communist government promises a new democratic constitution in summer 1989. First free elections are held in Spring 1989.
    • Military co-operation between Eastern Europe and USSR ceased in early 1990.
    • Warsaw Pact was formally disbanded in July 1991.


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