Rise of the Nazis - The enabling act

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  • The Enabling Act
    • Getting the 66%
      • All the Nazi deputies voted for it (44%)
        • He persuaded the Nationalists to join with him (8%)
          • He made a deal with the Catholic Zentrum party, that he would protect the Catholic religion if they gave up politics (14%)
      • He locked up the Communist leaders and banned the rest from attending
      • He threatened to kill/ hospitalize anyone that voted against him
      • It was important for Hitler to have the backing of the Reichstag rather than break laws so that the public remained faithful
    • The law was passed in March 1933 and enabled Hitler to:
      • Ban other parties
      • Ban trade unions
      • Remove the Jews from the Civil Service
      • Make the Nazi part the only legal political organization
      • Set up the Ministry for Propaganda run by Goebbels
        • Made sure newspapers only printed stories that Hitler agreed with
          • Radio and Films went the same way
    • The enabling act was so crucial to Hitler because it allowed him to become a total dictator
    • Hindenburg became more accepting of Hitler because:
      • The both hated the Communists
        • Hitler might be able to stop them
      • Hitler has followed all the rules so Hindenberg has no problem with him


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