The Eight Main Word Classes

A spider diagram defining and giving examples of the the 8 main word classes e.g. nouns, verbs etc.

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  • The Eight Main Word Classes
    • Nouns
      • 'Naming' words e.g. London, book, romance
        • Concrete nouns-physical objects e.g. book
        • Proper Nouns-Names of people and places e.g. London
        • Abstract nouns-emotions/state of being e.g. love, racism, romance, diplomacy
    • Adjectives
      • Used to describe nouns (sometimes pronouns) e.g. large, sunny, featureless
    • Verbs
      • 'Doing' words e.g. jump, read, do, return
    • Adverbs
      • Describe verbs e.g. steadily, incredibly, sadly
    • Pronouns
      • Take the place of nouns e.g. you, they, him, me, it
    • Conjunctions
      • 'Connecting' words e.g. and, or, but, because
        • Coordinating conjunctions-connect single words or phrases/clauses e.g. and, but, or
        • Subordinating conjunctions-connect a main clause to one that's less important to the subject e.g. although, because, whereas, unless
    • Prepositions
      • Define relationships between words in terms of time, space and direction e.g. before, underneath, through
    • Determiners
      • Give specific kinds of information about a noun (e.g. quantity) e.g. a, the, two, his, few, those
        • Numerals e.g. one, two and three (cardinal numbers) and first, second, third (ordinal numbers)
        • Possessive determiners e.g. my, your, his, hers, our, their
        • Quantifiers e.g. few, many, enough, lots
        • Demonstrative (replacing the name of the object just like pronouns replace the nouns) e.g. this, that, those, these


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