Effects of privation

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  • The effects of privation
    • Hodges and Tizard
      • Longitudinal Study
      • 65 children were placed in an institution when they were less than 4 months old
      • Doesn't support Bowlby's Maternal Deprivation Hypothesis as the study showed that effective attachments happen at the age of 4, after privation for 4 years.
    • Rutter et al Romanian Orphans
      • Rutter studied 111 Romanian orphans adopted in the UK by the age of 2.
        • By the age of 4 the children have caught up with their age-related milestones such as size.
      • The longer they spent in the care the slower the progress of development once adopted.
      • Recovery is possible.
    • Quinton et al
      • Found that ex-institutional women were poor mothers and were less sensitive with their children.
    • Genie
      • Genie never experienced attachment, due to long time of privation - 13 years. Never achieved a  good social adjustment, could barely walk.
    • Czech twins
      • The children spent 11 months at a children's home and then with a cruel step-mom and not caring father. They were kept in a cellar and found at the age of 7. The twins after being with a foster family were soon found to be completely normal.


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