The effect of Minor Characters Ag

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  • The effect of Minor Characters
      • Watchman conditions audience's opinion
        • eases them into story as theres a lot of info
          • balances their opinion of the two main characters
            • Later, they find out Ag kills daughter. Aechylus wants the audience to make their own mind up
              • He creates a balance of flaws "she manoeuvers like a man"
      • Watchman reveals his loyalty "Just bring him home"
      • Chorus reveal loyalty "Lord Agememnon"
      • Moral Teachings
        • "cups of wine" (offerings)
        • "nor shedding burning tears can you enchant away the rigid fury" (karma)
        • (To appreciate winning, you need to loose) "we suffer and we learn"
      • Relate to the audience so guide audience opinion
      • Pre play info
        • "ten years gone"
        • "Artemis must have blood"
        • "he slipped his neck in the strap of fate"
      • Chorus reveals characteristics
        • Ask cly qs revealing her temper
          • "Is that clear enough?"
      • Moral teaching
        • Wealth wont stop you from getting punished
          • "Bastions of wealth, are no defense for the man, who treats the grand altar of justice, down and out of sight"
      • Chorus portray a negatve side to war


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