The Drama Medium

A mind map on the drama medium

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  • The Drama Medium
    • Costumes, masks and make-up
      • Costume can be modern clothes, period costume or fantasy outfit
      • Masks may be single colour, painted, full face or half face
      • Make-up functions in different ways-sometimes to age a character or indicate a fantasy character
    • Sound and Music
      • Add atmosphere and help set the scene
      • Emphasize action happening on stage or focus on a character
      • Indicate a change of time or location
    • Different lighting effects
      • Spot-has a hard edges effect-used to light character or elements on stage, coloured filters can be used with this lamp
      • Fresnel- used for softer edged effect, useful for good overall light.
      • Flood-Produces a clear, wide-angles light, but there is little control over the spread
      • Strobe-flashing light, used for special effects.
    • Space and levels
      • Levels give the stage more visual interest, various levels allow different characters to communicate different statues.
    • Set and props
      • Help create background to a drama
      • Props are best kept simple,and make a scene more realistic
    • Movement, Mime and Gesture
      • Movement-US, DS. Helps with characterisation, and relation to others
      • Mime- In Silence- to show activites
      • Gesture- covers the use of our arms to communicate ideas
      • Voice
        • Tone, Volume, Pitch, Pace, Clarity
    • Spoken Language
      • Language Registers, Verse, Shakespearean language and Slang
  • Costume can be modern clothes, period costume or fantasy outfit


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