Digestive system

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  • The Digestive System
    • oesophagus
      • adapted for transport
      • thick muscular wall
    • Stomach
      • muscular sac
      • produces enzymes that digest proteins
      • produces mucus to stop enzymes digesting the stomach
    • small intestine
      • long muscular tube
      • walls contain villi and microvilli to increase surface area
    • large intestine
      • absorbs water
      • food becomes drier and forms faeces
    • rectum
      • stores the faeces
    • salivary glands
      • secrete amylase to break down starch
    • pancreas
      • produces pancreatic juices
      • digests proteins, lipids and starch
    • digestion
      • Physical breakdown
        • broken down by teeth to provide a large surface area
        • also broken down by the stomach churning
      • Chemical breakdown
        • carried out by enzymes
          • all function by hydrolysis
        • the enzyme splits the molecule into smaller pieces so they can be hydrolysed


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