The differences in between the Passe compose and l'imparfait

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  • The differences in between the Passe compose and l'imparfait
    • Passe compose
      • Example: j'ai mange (I ate)
      • Narrates specific events
      • Describes on or more event than began and ended in the past
        • Example: J'ai pris des photos (I took photos)
      • Describes a single event or something that happens a specific number of times
        • J'ai voyage en France l'annee derniere (I travelled to France last year)
      • Indicates a change in a general physical or mental state by an isolated cause.
        • J'ai eu peur quand le chien a aboye - I was scared when the dog barked.
      • Indicators
        • un an - a year
        • tout a coup - all of a sudden
    • L'imparfait
      • Example: je mangeais (I was eating)
      • Describes past situations
      • Describes ongoing actions with no specific completions
        • Example: je prenais des photos- I was taking photos
      • describes something that happens a repeated number of times in the past.
        • Example: Je voyageais en France tous les ans - I used to travel to France every year.
      • Describes a general or physical state of beings
        • For example: J'avais peur des chiens - I was afraid of dogs
      • Indicators
        • chaque semaine/mois/anee - every week/month/year
        • le weekend - on the weekends
        • le lundi, le mardi - on monday/tuesday
        • tous les jours - every day
        • le soir - in the evenings
        • normalement - normally
        • d'habitude - usually
        • rarement-rarely


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