The Development of Soul Time Line

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  • The Development of Soul Music: 'Time Line'
    • 1947
      • Atlantic Records
        • American Record Label, bets known for its numerous recordings of rhythm and blues.
        • Herb Abramson and Ahmet Ertegun
          • Jazz and soul was formed by them
    • 1950
      • USA Racial Segregation
        • Racial Segregation and deep Racial Discrimination
        • Black Rhythm and Blues still only being played on black radio
          • Released by independent record labels
    • 1952
      • Ray Charles
        • He signify's the birth of soul
          • The birth of gospel soul
        • His version of soul is a return to the roots of black music
          • The style retains similarities with Blues; the emotional honesty, the vocal intensity and use of call and response
    • 1960
      • Memphis
        • The Stax record label was created
          • It gains a distribution deal with Atlantic records
            • Atlantic  record labels give their artists national wide coverage
          • Artist for this label included
            • Booker T and The MGs
            • Otis Reading
            • Wilson Pickett
        • This label is aimed primarily at black R&B audiances
          • They support  styles such as gospel influenced vocals and clean tight arrangements
    • 1960
      • Detroit
        • Motown's label
        • This label is aimed as much at white audiences as it is black.
          • Records are much more commercial
        • Artists for this label include
          • Marvin Gaye
          • Stevie Wonder
          • Dianna Ross and the Supremes
          • Jackson 5
    • 1964
      • Civil Rights Movement
        • Americans Involvement in Vietnam War escalates
        • Soul Music was often about love.
          • Soul music starts to develop singers all over the US
            • The become more politically active and create protest songs
    • 1965
      • James Brown
        • He is developing his signiture groove that emphasized the downbeat-with heavy emphasis on the first beate of every mesurement to etch his distinctive soud.
          • Rather than the backbeat that typified African American music.
        • The stylemof music signifies the arivel of early Funk
        • Funk uses a formidable rhythm section, locking into tight 'grooves' that were musch more important than melodies or chor sequences
    • Late 1960
      • Philadelphia Soul
        • Thsi sub-genre of Soul is characterisedby its polished smoother sound with big string arrangments
        • Artisits belonging to this sub genre of Soul include
          • The O-Jays
          • The Spinners
          • The Stylistics


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