The defeat of the Right

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  • The defeat of the Right
    • Stalin had appeared to take side of the right in the struggle with the left, but this was a tactical manoeuvre and did not necessarily reflect his ideological position.
    • 1927 poor harvest. January 1928 Stalin visited western Siberia. He was convinced that the kulaks were keeping grain from the market to keep up prices. Stalin had police officials with him and he ordered the confiscation of grain, he was abandoning NEP.
    • 1928 Party Congress, the Right argued against Stalin's actions. They thought that the peasants would produce more if NEP continued and they had the opportunity to become prosperous.
    • There was a 'war-scare' in the USSR in 1927/8. The Right's policies offered only gradual industrialisation, but military strength has to be built on industrial strength. A more vigorous policy that would lead to rapid industrialisation therefore looked attractive.
    • Stalin used his control of the Party organisation so the Right resolutions were defeated at the Party Congress. Tomsky, Bukharin and Rykov were removed from their positions by Stalin.


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