John Proctor- The Crucible Quotes

Key quotes for a question on John Proctor, some analysis of language and structure. 

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  • John Proctor
    • Act 4
      • I cannot mount the gibbet like a saint. It is a fraud. I am not that man.
        • 'fraud' shows he feels like a criminal to be seen as a saint, he still feels guilty and responsible for what has happened. We sympathise with him here.
        • Only uses '.' and short sentences, he is being blunt and straightforward, as if this is a fact rather than his opinions.
      • I am not worth the dust on the feet of those that hang
        • A metaphor to show Proctors low opinion of himself now and that he is broken.
        • There are 5 '!' in 5 lines which shows Proctors passion, anger and frustration.
    • Act 1
      • Committed sin
        • (looking at Abigail now, the faintest suggestion of a knowing smile on his face)
          • 'suggestion of a knowing smile' implies he is happy or desired the affair, and makes us feel unsympathetic towards Proctor.
        • (angered-at himself as well) You'll speak nothin' of Elizabeth!
          • 'at himself as well' shows he is actually guilty for what he did. He defends his wife which shows he still cares about her and feels bad.
          • '!' emphasises his anger and frustration.
      • Puts himself as an enemy of Parris
        • Why, then I must find and join it.
          • 'I must' shows he is determined and fully certain on being an enemy of Parris.
          • '.' shows he is controlled, which means he is not saying this out of anger, and that he genuinely means it.
    • Act 3
      • She thinks to dance with me on my wife's grave!
        • (his life collapsing about him)
          • 'life collapsing' is a dramatic description signifying his ultimate sacrifice for Elizabeth and justice.
        • This is a turning point for Proctor as he has given up his name, which was the thing most important to him even over his wife. He has now prioritised his wife and we feel sympathy.
      • God is dead!
        • He previously did believe in god but now we see he has lost faith in his religion. He blames the community and also himself for the fear and fraud in the court.
    • Act 2
      • I should have roared you down when you first told me your suspicion. But I wilted, and like a Christian, I confessed. Confessed!
        • 'I should have' he could be regretful of telling Elizabeth rather than regretful of the affair.
        • Repetition of confessed shows his disbelief at his confession.
        • 'Roared' suggests he is powerful and intimidating.
        • The whole quote shows he could feel more regretful about being caught, and makes him seem selfish and inconsiderate to his wives feelings and thoughts.
      • My wife will never die for me!
        • The word 'never' shows a further determination, and could show his anger.
        • 'My wife' shows he is protective and possessive of his wife. This could reflect the social and historical context of a womans place in the puritan society. It also shows the sincere love and care he has for his wife.


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