The Crimean War

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  • The Crimean War
    • Background
      • Turkey were unwilling to grant concessions declared war on Russia.
      • In July 1853 Russia occupied territories previously controlled by Turkey, Britain and France.
      • Russia's empire expanding east.
      • France's relationship wit Russia - Poor.
      • Britain and France joined the war against Russia.
    • Battles
      • Battle of Alma
        • 22nd September 1854
        • Russia commander decided not to attack and troops took position three miles south of Alma River.
        • French and British stopped troops near to water ready to battle.
          • Britain and France underestimated Russian army.
            • Britain went for a full frontal assault, uphill and they won
              • The way to Sebastopol was opened
      • Battle of Balaclava
        • 24th/25th October 1854
        • Russians advanced on the British supply base at Balaclava with 25000 men
          • Russians wanted to break allies siege of Sevastopol
      • The Charge of the Light Brigade
        • 25th October 1854
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    • Causes
      • Long Term
        • Strategic Importance of the Black Sea.
        • Weakness of the Ottoman Empire.
      • Medium Term
        • Russian desire to control
        • Conflict over the treatment of Christians in the Ottoman Empire
      • Short Term
        • Sinking of Ottoman Ships
        • Ottomans declared war.


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