The countryside as useful

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  • "The countryside may be beautiful but it should also be useful"
    • Tess
      • The country side is not always beautiful
        • Flintcombe Ash
          • 'mournful grey'
          • 'hard black frost'
            • Connotations of words used- 'mournful', 'desolate'
              • 'mournful grey'
              • 'desolate drab'
          • 'desolate drab'
          • Anti-pastoral portrayal of the country side/pastoral realism
      • The country side proves useful in Tess's emotional recovery
        • From 'engine of regret' to being 'useful' and 'taste anew sweet independence'
          • For her it is restorative
        • Agricultural work lessens Tess's shame over sorrow
          • For her it is restorative
    • AYLI
      • The forest unites and reunites charcters
        • Rosalind and Orlando could not admit their love in the court, but end up married in the forest
        • Comparison of Orlando and Olivers relationship at the start of the play and at the end
        • Multiple marriages at the conclusion of the play
          • Emergence of Hymen
            • May only be possible in the forest as God's reside in nature
              • Supported by the conversion of Duke Frederick because of the Hermit
                • The forest holds the spiritual power to change his character
            • Deus Ex Machina
      • The forest offers lessons to characters
        • 'Tongues in trees, books in running brookes, sermons in stones and good in everything'
          • Suggests nature is a better educator/preacher than can be found in the Court
        • 'Sweet are the uses of adversity'
          • Even hard times are useful in the forest
    • Pastoral Poetry
      • Allows for spiritual growth
        • The Garden
          • Contemplation prepares the soul for 'longer flight'
            • Religious implications- longer flight to heaven
          • Using metaphor of a bird, the soul 'whets' itself
            • Suggests the soul is purer in nature
      • Nature protects and cares for rural people
        • The Mower to the Glow Worms
          • 'living lamps' guide 'wandering mowers'
            • Useful in helping them find their way home
        • Damon the Mower
          • the sun 'licks' the sweat off his back
            • Intimate connotations of 'lick' suggests close relationship
          • 'cowslip water bathes my feet'
        • Tintern Abbey
          • 'nurse'
            • Connotes protection and nurture
      • Nature has restorative powers
        • Tintern Abbey
          • Nature allows 'Tranquil restoration' in 'hours of weariness'
          • Thoughts of 'deep seclusion' lead to 'joy' and 'harmony'


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