The Cosmological Argument: Aquinas

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  • The Cosmological Argument: Aquinas.
    • Summa Theologica (left unfinished)
    • Felt Aristotle's logic and ethics.
      • Compatible with Christianity.
    • Two different routes, both using reason, leading to God.
    • Didn't except "God exists" as self evident
    • Five Ways based on what we can observe:
      • First Way forms Cosmological Argument. Proof of existence
        • Any form of movement when an external force is applied.
        • Unmoved mover = God.
        • It has to have actuality to change .. Aquinas didn't accept infinite series of change.
      • First Cause: Movement
        • Second Cause: Cause
        • Third Cause: Contingency
      • The Second Way: Cause.
        • Nothing can cause itself
        • To claim its existence before it was present = illogical.
      • Third Way:
        • Contingency of matter in the universe.
        • Explained by existence followed with ceasing to exist.
          • If time is infinite there must have been a time when nothing existed.


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