The Cosmological Argument

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  • The Cosmological Argument
    • The argument...
      • A posteriori
      • Synthetic - e.g. Dads are good at fixing things
      • Based on the views of Aristotle on cause and the prime mover
      • Inductive - the conclusion is the most probable based on evidence
      • By Thomas Aquinas
    • Aquinas' First Way
      • 1. Things in the world are in a state of motion
      • 2. Everything moves from potentiality to actuality
      • 3. Everything in motion is put in motion by something else
      • 4. There can't be an infinity of movers, there must have been a first mover
      • 5. Everyone understands this to be God
    • Aquinas' Second Way
      • 1. Nothing is an efficient cause of itself
      • 2. A first cause causes a second cause etc.
      • 3. There can't be an infinity of causes
      • 4. There must have been a first cause which everyone calls God
    • Hume
      • Maybe we wrongly assume
      • Putting your hand out to stop a bus works so that must be the cause of the bus stopping
      • Fallacy of composition
        • Russell
          • The universe is 'brute fact'
          • 'That's a different logical sphere'
        • Is it necessary for the whole universe to have a cause just because things in it do?
        • Anskum
          • Tries to overcome the fallacy of composition
          • Pulling a rabbit from a hat has a cause even if you don't understand it
    • The principle of sufficient reason
      • Leibniz
        • We need a full explanation for everything
        • God provides the sufficient reason
      • Russell - Copleston debate
        • Arguing that some things don't need a cause
        • Russell supports infinite regress


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