The Constitution

Mind Map of main points on constitution

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  • The Constitution
    • Sources
      • Statute Law
      • Common Law
      • Conventions
      • Authoritative Works
      • EU Law
    • Principles
      • Parliamentary Sovereignty
      • Rule of Law
      • Unitary State
      • Parliamentary Government
      • Constitutional Monarchy
    • Strengths and Weaknesses of traditional constitution
      • Tried and tested - evolved
      • Coherent Whole
      • Clear centre
      • Provided for responsible gov
      • Responsible gov
      • Rule of Law protects citizens
      • Flexible
      • Outdated - pre-demoractic elements
      • Excessive centerlisation
      • Few oppurtunities for citizen involvement
      • Individual rights weak
      • Prione to manipulation
    • Parliamentary Sovereignty
      • Can legislate on any metter
      • Legislation cannot be overturned
      • Cannot bind successors
      • EU
      • HRA
      • Devolution
      • Referndums
    • Labour's Constitutional Reforms
      • Exttensive package of reforms
      • Ongoing  reform
      • Further checks and balances
      • Rights of citizens strengthened
      • key legislation likely to endure
      • Evolutionary, not revolutionary
      • Not a cherent whole
      • Radical changes rejected
      • Unfiinished
      • Power still concentrated in executive
    • UK needs codified constitution?
      • Logical conclusion of reforms
      • Greater clarity
      • Authoritative refernce point for courts
      • Set limits on states
      • Greater protection of rights
      • Better inform citizens about workings of political system
      • Pragmatic adaptation works wekk
      • How?
      • What to include?
      • Rigid
      • Give judges greater political power
      • No great popular demand


Old Sir


Although this is probably the end point of someone's else's work, this mind map might make a good starting point for students beginning their revision of the British Constitution, covering most of the basis and many of the controversies. At the end of their own exam prep students could test themselves by seeing how close their own mind map is to this and how far they could expand each point.

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