National 5 English: Cone Gatherers Quotes

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  • The Cone Gatherers Quotes
    • Class Conflict
      • "We didn't treat them fairly"
      • "They were like insects, not bees or ants which could string or bite, but tiny flies which could do no harm"
      • "There was room for all of us Mother"
      • "We're human beings just like them"
        • "Human beings are more important than dogs"
      • "We could have perished into the storm, for all she cared cared. Was that not murder?"
      • "Yonder's a house with fifty rooms...every one of them three times the size of our hut, and nearly all of them empty"
        • " A private fence of giant silver furs"
          • "private"-poor kept out
          • "fence"- divide between rich and poor
          • "silver"- connotations with wealth, division is for the benefit of the rich
    • The Tree Symbol
      • "His triumph was become a handful of withered leaves"
      • "The overspreading tree of revulsion in him"
      • "Do you really, he thought, see this tree growing and spreading in my mind? And its fruits madness?"
      • "he was like a tree still straight, still showing green leaves; but underground death was creeping along those roots"
    • Good vs Evil
      • Duror
        • "Icy sweat of hatred"
        • "The most evil presence of all"
        • "then to hear simultaneously the clean report of the gun and the last obscene squeal of the killed dwarf would have been for him, he thought, release too, from the noose of disgust and despair drawn"
        • been repelled by anything living that had an imperfection or deformity or lack
          • a cat with three legs had roused pity in other, in him an ungovernable disgust.
        • “those two sub-humans”
        • "he was alone in his obsession"
      • Calum
        • "he was indigenous as squirrel or bird"
        • "In the tree was Calum's happiness"
        • "chaffinches fluttered around him"
        • "So beautiful and guileless as to be a diabolical joke"
    • LRC
      • “She would have given the cone-gatherers the use of the beach hut, if Duror had not dissuaded her…”
    • Neil
      • “The constant sight of the mansion house chimneys, reminding him of their hut, which to him remained a symbol of humiliation.”
    • Setting
      • “It was a good tree by the sea loch, with many cones and much sunshine; it was homely too, with rests among its topmost branches as comfortable as chairs.”
    • Deer Hunt
      • Calum was no longer one of the beaters; he too was a deer hunted by remorseless men
    • Rabbit scene
      • Duror: "swift" and "efficiently"


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