Health Related Components of Fitness

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  • Health Related Components
    • Stamina / cardio-respiratory endurance
      • Ability to sustain stressful physical exertion for a period of time
        • Aerobic Capacity
          • How efficiently the body can take in, transport and use oxygen
          • Aerobic capacity is dependent upon??
      • Swimming
      • Long distance running
    • Strength
      • The ability to overcome a resistance
      • Static, Dynamic or Expolsive
        • Explosive: rapid contraction of muscle fibres to generate max force
          • Jumping
        • Dynamic: repeated contraction and relaxation of a single muscle or group
        • Static:holding the body position or limb in a state of tension
          • Plank
    • Speed
      • The rate at which the body is moved from one place to another
      • Achieved through powerful and often maximal, muscular contractions
      • 100m Sprint
    • Muscular Endurance
      • The ability of a muscle or muscle group to perform repetitive contractions over a period of time
      • Long distance running
    • Flexibility
      • The range of movement around a joint
      • It reflects joint structure, length of related muscles and the limiting effect of the joint ligaments
      • Contributing factor to effective skill or technique action, application of muscle contractions and when trying to produce a position the exactly copies a perfect model
      • Gymnastics
    • Power
      • The rapid application of muscular force
      • It is dependent upon having a large proportion of fast twitch muscle fibres ant the ability to motivate as many motor units as quickly as possible
      • Shot putt


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