The cold war in Africa

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  • The cold war in Africa
    • The cold war shaped the birth of the African state.
      • Was it a form of colonialism by other means?
        • Both US/Soviets 'helped africa along'
      • International recognition became crucial to the est. of African states
      • African states birthed into a preexisting world order
        • Post WW2 nation state sovereignty key to limiting conflict
      • Arguably cold war ruled out autonomy of action for Africa: lots of external interventions
    • Negative sovereignty
      • Whoever controls resources controls the state
        • Strategy of extraverison, Bayart
      • States 'recognised' which didn't meet empirical criteria
        • superficial changes only
      • Personalisation of power
      • Reinforced global hierarchies and system of weak states
    • Case studies
      • South African in the 1970s: Proxy wars carried out
      • Congo/Kinshasa/Zaire 1960s
      • Zaire 1978-97: Mobuto: negative sovereignty/weak judiciary helped him stay in power
  • Quasi statehood. R.Jackson - sovereignty derived from external recognition
  • PA became buried underneath the state system


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