The Cold war 1964-1991

the end of the cold war from 1964-1991 with the fall of the wall!

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  • The Cold War 1964 - 1991
    • Vietnam
      • During WW2 Vietnam was a French colony but after the Vietnamese defeated the French at Diem Bien Phu the Japanese overrun Vietnam.
      • The Vietnamese then beat the Japanese. Vietnam was then divided into North and south, the north was communist and wanted to rule the whole of Vietnam but the south and America joined forces to prevent the domino theory.
      • The Vietcong (wo were communists from the south who had joined the North) used Guerilla warefare which ws much better than the US's superior technology!
      • In 1973 The USA withdrew from Vietnam after they realised they couldnt win and in 1975 the north achieved its goal to rule the south. Vietnam became one country again
    • Detente
      • Both superpowers wanted detente because after the Cuban crisis they realised how close they had came to nuclear war
      • Detente meant a lessening of tensions and that the USA could withdraw from Vietnam.
    • The End of the Cold war
      • Gorbachev concentrated on building the communist Russia back to a country and didn't build more weapons.
      • President Reagan and Gorbachev worked hard and signed agreements to end the Cold war.
      • The Cold war ended in 1991 with the fall of the Berin wall and the communist government evaporated.


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