The Cognitive Interview

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  • The Cognitive Interview
    • It was based on Tulving's (1974) that there are several ways to retrieve infomatiion. but one way may work better that others
    • The second principle behind the Ci is Tulving and Thompson's Specifcity Theory.(1973). This suggests that memory traces are made up of many features and that many retrieval cues should be set up to enhance the cues.
    • The Four Components
      • CHANGE OF NARRATIVE ORDER:-Recount the scene in a variety of chronological orders. e.g. from the end to the beginning.
      • CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE:-Recount the scene from a variety of perspectives, e.g. the offenders POV
      • MENTAL REINSTATEMENT OF CONTEXT : Return to bioth the environmental andemotional context of the crime scene.
      • REPORT EVERYTHING- recall all infomation, even if it has little relevance or is accorded a lower level of confidence.
    • The Enhanced Cogntive Interview includes 1. minimisation of distractions 2.reduction of anxiety 3. Getting the interviewee to speak slowly 4. Asking open questions.


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