Key terms relating to question in the psychology Investigations

Just a few key terms for the investigations paper taken from the January Ocr mark sheme and the mark holah site - hope it is of use for others taking there exams :)

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  • Investigations
    • Open questions
      • An open question is one that does not restrict how respondents reply. For example, describe what it was like when trying not to think of a white bear - put in context
    • Closed questions
      • A closed question is one that presents respondents a number of predetermined response categories to select from when answering the question. For example, How difficult was it not to think of a white bear? - very difficult - somewhat difficult - not very difficult.
    • Fixed choice questions
      • Fixed choice questions are phrased so that the respondent has to make a fixed choice answer usually ‘yes’ or ‘no’.This type of questionnaire is easy to measure and quantify. It also forces a participant to not choose a middle option.However respondents may not feel that their desired response is available and of course the answers are not in-depth
    • Rating scale
      • A rating scale question involves the use of a scale for respondents to indicate their answer. For example Indicate on a scale of 1 (not very difficult) to 10 (very difficult) how difficult you found it not to think of a white bear


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