The Civil War In Russia: 1918

The Strengths and Waknesses for the Reds and the Whites throughout the Civil War.

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  • The Civil War In Russia: 1918
    • Red Strengths
      • The movement of the government
        • Petrograd to Moscow: central control and the railway
      • War Communism
        • Short Term
          • Surplus food to the Army
          • Bartering used instead of money
          • State control of the railway
        • State control of factories: 10 or more people
      • The Cheka (secret police)
        • Ues of force and fear
          • Requisition squads: Collected food
      • Leadership
        • Lenin and Trotsky: United
        • High morale in the Army
          • 10,000 Tsarist leaders forcefully enlisted
            • High quality of leadership
      • Efficient propoganda
        • Propoganda against the Whites
        • Trotsky's train
    • White Weaknesses
      • White brutality in the countryside
        • Peasant opposition
      • Poor unification of leaders
        • Deniken and Wrangel refused to co-operate with others
      • Admiral Kolchark treated his troops brutally
        • Low morale and tired troops


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