The English Civil War

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  • The Civil War
    • Causes
      • Religeon
        • Charles I married a Catholic
        • Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't like Puritans (Scots)
      • Money
        • Charles wants to rule without Parliament  but doesn't have enough money to do it
          • Raises taxes
            • Only Parliament can do this
        • Charles spends too much money on himself
        • The Scots attack because of religeous changes. Charles doesn't have the money to fight back
      • Parliament
        • Earl of Strafford rules Ireland for Charles, but the Irish and the Parliament hate him
        • Parliament has Earl of Strafford executed and Laud (A.B of C) imprisoned
        • Charles has to ask Parliament for money to fight the scots for
    • When Parliament wins the war, Charles is executed
      • Because of trying to start a second war, he loses his Divine Right, so people think that they should execute him
    • Triggers
      • Parliament gives Charles a list of demands (the grand remonstrance). These demands give the King less, power, and the parliament more
      • Parliament takes control of the army away from Charles so that he can't use it against them
  • Monarch- Charles I
    • Son of James I
      • Believes in the Divine Right


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