The Civil Rights Movement 1945-1955

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  • The Civil Rights Movement 1945-1955
    • 1944 - Smith v Allwright case on voting rights
      • Ruling was that white-only primary elections violated the 15th Amendment
    • 1946 - Morgan v Virginia case on desegregating buses
      • Ruling was that segregationon interstate buses broke the 14th Amendment
    • 1947 - CORE's Journey of Reconciliaiton
      • Revealed that Southern states were ignoring the Supreme Court's ruling against segregation on interstate buses
    • 1947 - 'To Secure These Rights' report issued
      • Detailed the extent of racial discrimination in American society
    • 1950 - Sweatt v Painter case which resulted in Heman Sweatt's admission to the University of Texas law school
      • Ruling was that the new law school provided an inferior education and poor facilities
    • 1954 - Brown v Board of Education of Topeka Supreme Court case
      • Ruling was that segregated schools violated the 14th Amendment


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