The circulatory system part 1

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  • The Circulatory System
    • Diffusion in single-celled organisms
      • Small organisms such as amoebae do not need a circulatory system.
        • They have a large surface area compared to their volume.
        • They are surrounded by the water they live in. Dissolved oxygen diffuses from this water into the cell through the cell membrane.
        • Waste material diffuses out of the cell. There is no need for special transport system.
    • Artificial Blood
      • If people have lost a lot of blood, or have problems with their blood, doctors may infuse their blood with extra 'artificial blood'.
      • Various artificial blood products are available, but none contain red or white cells or platelets, so they are really substitutes for blood rather than artificial blood.
      • Some are for increasing the blood volume, and some are for carrying oxygen.
    • The human Transport system
      • The blood is your main transport system.
      • It takes oxygen and nutrients, such a sglucose and amino acids, to cells.
      • It collects and removes waste, such as urea and carbon dioxide, from cells.


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