The Circulation system

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  • The Circulation System
    • Heart
      • Made up of the right and left ventricles and atriums, the semi-lunar valves and the Bi and Tri-cuspid valves
      • deoxygenated blood on right side going to lungs, oxygenated on left coming back from lungs
    • Blood Vessels
      • veins
        • Pulmanary vein and Vena Cava
          • main veins
            • Major Vessels
              • main ateries
        • big lumar to carry more blood, less pressure than Arteries
      • cappilaries
        • One cell thick walls so that oxygen can diffuse from blood into cells
        • Minor Vessel
      • arteries
        • the pulmanary artery, aorta.
          • main ateries
        • high pressure, to carry oxygenated blood to cells which split into cappilaries
    • Blood
      • Made of red blood cells, White blood cells, fatty acids, amino acids, Glucose, oxygen,plasma, Carbon dioxide, Urea, and salts
      • how things get transported through the body to supply cells with substances they need to complete life processes such as respiration
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