Religion in Tess, Blake and As You Like It

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  • The Church/Religion
    • Tess of the d'Urbervilles
      • structured religion is bad, it did not accept Tess in her hour of need
        • "so passed away Sorrow the Undesired...that ******* gift of shameless nature who respects not the civil law"
          • to religion, the baby is branded a '*******', but is really just an innocent child
        • "dangerous young females like yerself"
          • Tess was seen as dangerous, when really she was the victim
        • "where was Tess' guardian angel? Where was the providence of her simple faith"
        • "thou shalt not commit-"
        • "i cannot split hairs"
        • "thy damnation slubereth not"
          • Tess is seen as a sinner
            • "thou shalt not commit-"
        • "moral sorrows"
          • the morals given by the church cause Tess so much sadness
        • "moral hobgoblin"
          • the morals given by the church cause Tess so much sadness
      • Tess is more suited to Paganism, or unstructured, natural religion
        • "fresh and virginal child of nature"
        • "he called her Artemis, Demeter"
        • "women whose cheif companions are the forms and forces of nature retain in their souls far more of the pagan fantasy"
        • "i am at home"
    • Song of Innocence and Experience
      • Structured religion is bad
        • "children walking two and two"-SOI
        • "like a mighty wind they raise to heaven the voice of song"-SOI
        • "praise God & his Priest & king"-SOE
        • "wish from the church to stray" "the church is cold"-SOE
        • "standing on the altar high" "led him by his little coat" "burn'd him in a holy place"- SOE
        • "holy fears"-SOE
        • "the gates of this chapel were shut"-SOE
      • unstructured, natural religion is better
        • "they know when their shepherd is nigh"-SOI
        • "little lamb, god bless thee!"x2-SOI
        • "flowers and trees and beast and men receive"-SOI
        • "love" sweet love! was thought a crime!"-SOE
        • "did he who made the lamb make thee?"-SOE
        • "a spirit arm'd in gold"-SOE
      • God is, or should be, all accepting and loving
        • "flowers and trees and beasts and men receive"-SOI
        • "God ever nigh"-SOI
        • "he who smiles on all"-SOI
        • "where mercy, love and pity dwell there god is dwelling too"-SOI
        • "the gates of this chapel were shut"-SOE
        • "a spirit arm'd in gold"-SOE
    • As You Like It
      • Religious link to The Good Shepherd
        • "the greatest of my pride is to see my ewes graze and my lambs ****"
        • "many young men flock to him everyday"
      • a natural sort of religion is present in Arden and is presented as positive
        • "tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones and good in everything"
        • "their assigned and native dwelling place"
      • Anti-structured religion, against beliefs of the day
        • "it will be a good excuse for me hereafter to leave my wife"
          • lack of sanctity of marriage
        • "the duke hath put on a religious life"
          • 'put on' suggests it is fake, mocking
        • "let the forest judge"
          • 'judge not, lest ye be judged' Matthew 7
        • "here shall he see/no enemy/but winter and rough weather"
          • the devil is an enemy


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