The causes of the Civil War

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  • The causes of the Civil War
    • The role of the Czech Legion
      • Created in 1917 out of Austro-Hungarian Prisoners
      • The rebellion of the Czech Legion on 25th May 1918 signalled the start of the Civil War
    • The role of different nationalities
      • Counter-revolutionary armies were established in Siberia, Estonia and in the Ukraine
      • The Finns, Ukrainians and Poles wanted to create their own countries
        • Led to them fighting against the Bolsheviks
    • The role of foreign countries
      • Britain and France support the Whites
        • Sent troops into the war
        • Supplied the Whites with supplies
        • They wanted Russia to remain fighting in the war against Germany
        • They didn’t want to see Russia fall to a communist regime
    • The role of the Whites
      • Lenin had to make Moscow the new capital of Russia as Petrograd was threatened by the Whites
      • They wanted to remove the Bolsheviks from power and some even wanted to bring the back the Tsarist Regime
    • The role of Communist Policies
      • By 1918 Russia had become a one party state after the Ban on Factions
      • Many Russian’s opposed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
      • The Bolsheviks started to clash with the peasantry
        • Lenin introduced Grain requisitioning so the working class and those in the Red Army
          • Peasants avoided conscription and tried to hoard their grain
            • Resulted in famine in Petrograd and Moscow


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