The causes of suburbanisation

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  • The causes of suburbanisation
    • Push factors (Inner city)
      • SOCIAL
        • Houses left became boarded up - decay/dereliction - squaters
        • Depopulation
        • Noise and air pollution
        • Poor health due to congestion
        • Unsafe
        • Dirty
      • ECONOMIC
        • Shops close - lack of demand
        • Reduced tax base
        • High unemployment where factories and industry closed down
        • Low standard of living and quality of life
        • Noise, air and visual pollution
        • Lack of greenery
    • Pull factors (suburbs)
      • SOCIAL
        • Quieter, less congestive lifestyle, better living environment
        • Better health benefits
        • Better housing
        • More services & shops built nearby
        • Safer
        • Cleaner
      • ECONOMIC
        • Higher wages and trade unions, ensure minimum wage
        • Transport development improving (People didn't move too far initially) - trams, rail, and later on roads & cars - commuting
        • Cheaper land value - more land for price of property
        • Amenities become more affordable
        • Potential space for expansion
        • Vegetation
        • More open space
        • No pollution


Mr A Gibson


The causes are divided up into push/pull and then sub-divided into Soc, Eco and Enviro - so you have it all in one mind map which you should print out and stick on the wall!

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