The Causes of Prejudice

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  • The Causes of Prejudice
    • Ignorance
      • Lack of understanding of the culture
      • eg Rastafarians smoked marijuana to get closer to God
    • Stereotyping
      • A person may base their opinion on a group of people due to an over-simplified image they believe in
    • Scapegoating
      • Untitled
    • Upbringing
      • If a person's parents have racist attitudes then their opinions could have been influenced
    • Media
      • The media often stereotypes
    • Victims
      • A person who has been treated badly by a group of people will have a negative attitude towards that group
    • Patriotism and xenophobia
      • A person may feel that their race is better so will have a disrespectful attitude towards other nationalities
    • Fear
      • A person may fear that their own way of life may be lost if another race becomes part of their society


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