The Causation Argument

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  • The Causation Argument
    • This argument tries to prove the existence of God by showing that everything happens for a reason.
    • Overview of the causation argument
      • Nothing happens by itself
        • Everything that happens must be caused by something else.
          • The universe cannot have happened by itself.
            • A powerful cause was necessary to cause the universe.
              • This cause has to be God, therefore God exists.
    • Arguments AGAINST causation
      • The causation arguement cannot be proved.
        • Even if everything in the world seems to have a cause, it doesn't mean the universe had a cause.
          • The arguement only suggests that God is the cause of the universe.
            • There are other possible causes of the universe such as the scientific 'Big Bang' theory.
              • If everything has a cause, what caused God?
    • Who created this arguement?
      • In the 13th century, Thomas Aquinas thought up this arguement.
        • He argued that you cannot go back indefinately and that there must have been a first cause of the universe.
        • Aquinas believed this first cause had to be God and called him the 'unmoved mover' because he is the start of the universe.


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