The Cardiac Cycle

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  • The Cardiac Cycle
      • 2- Pressure higher in ventricles than atria, forces AV valves shut
      • 1-Ventricles contract- decreasing volume and increasing pressure in chamber
      • 3- Pressure in ventricles higher than in aorta and pulmonary artery, forces open semi-lunar vlaves and blood is forced out
    • 1- DIASTOLE
      • 1-Higher pressure in pulmonary artery and aorta closes semi-lunar valves to prevent back flow into ventricles
      • 2- blood fills atria due to higher pressure in vena cava and pulmonary vein, starts to increase pressure of aorta, pressure in ventricles begins to fall & AV valves open- passive movement of blood
      • 2- slight increase in ventrical pressure and chamber volue as the ventricles relieve blood from atria
      • 1- Atria contract, decreasing volume of chamber and increasing pressure


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