Cardiac Cycle

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  • The Cardiac Cycle
    • Diastole
      • 1st stage
      • Relaxation of cardiac muscle
      • Blood enters the atria
      • AV valves open and blood slowly enters ventricles
      • HIGH blood pressure in atria as blood enters
      • LOW blood pressure in arteries
      • Semilunar valves shut
      • Atrioventricular valves open
    • Atrial Systole
      • Contraction of atria
      • Atria completely emptied into ventricles
      • AV valves fully open
      • Semilunar valves shut
      • HIGH pressure in ventricles as blood enters
      • Pressure in atria decreases as blood leaves
      • 2nd stage
    • Ventricular Systole
      • Contraction of ventricles
      • 3rd Stage
      • Blood emptied from ventricles into arteries
      • HIGH pressure in arteries
      • LOW pressure in atria and in ventricles as blood leaves
      • AV valves are shut and are held like this by tendons
      • Semilunar valves open when ventricular pressure is higher than arterial pressure


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