The Cabal 1667- 73

Mindmap outlining the Cabal's role, it's members and key events. 

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  • The Cabal 1667-73
    • Cabal Members
      • Clifford- Treasurer- Cath convert- Pro-French.
      • Arlington- Pro-Dutch- keep favour with Charles
      • Buckingham- Politically inconsistent- wanted more tol for Dissenters.
      • Ashley- favour of exclusion.
      • Lauderdale- Governed Scot for King.
    • Triple Alliance 1667
    • Treaty of Dover 1670
      • Allied England with France
      • Avenge humiliation of Second Dutch War- War allow C to increase navy and army strength- War increase English trade + revenues from trade.
      • Louis to pay C £225,000 per year for war.
      • Charles had to declare himself Cath
    • Collapse of Cabal 1672
      • Clifford died- Arlington scared of impeachment and took non-political role in King's household- Ashley + Buckingham went into opposition over treatment of Dissenters.
    • Dec of Indulgence 1672
      • Passed on eve of 3rd Dutch War.
      • Suspended all penal laws against Dissenters,
      • Offered licenses to Dissenters to hold public worship.
      • Allowed Cath's to worship in their own homes.
  • Passed on eve of 3rd Dutch War.


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