The butler model

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  • The Butler model
    • About
      • Butler developed a model which shows how any tourist destination may grow.
    • 1) Exploration
      • Small numbers of visitors are attracted to a particular feature. e.g. Landscape, beaches or culture.
    • 2) Involvement
      • The local population sees the opportunity to develop and start to provide services such as accommodation and transport for tourists.
    • 3) Development
      • Large companies build hotels and leisure complexes and the number of tourists rise dramatically. Opportunities for locals increase which brings advantages and disadvantages.
    • 4) Consolidation
      • Tourism is now a major part of the economy, number of visitors are steady and employment is secure.
      • Some hotels and facilities are becoming second rate and type of visitors attracted are down market and rowdiness may become a problem.
    • 5) Stagnation
      • The resort becomes unfashionable and visitor numbers begin to decline,
    • 6) decline or rejuvenation
      • decline - visitors prefer other resorts and day trippers/ weekenders become the main source as income and tourism.
      • Rejuvenation - attempts are made to modernise the resort and attract new and different tourists by introducing new and varied activities.


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