flooding in more developed world: Boscastle

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  • The Boscastle Floods: August 16th 2004
    • Physical Causes
      • Rainfall
        • hot day in August
        • torrential thunderstorm 60mms in two hours
        • tall convectional clouds
        • remnants of Hurricane Alex
      • Valley Shape
        • steep sided deep valleys of River Valency and River Jordan (confluence)
        • valley funnel the water down towards Boscastle
        • river runs off high ground of Bodmin Moor (relief rainfall)
      • Geology
        • impermeable rocks (slates and granite) and clay soils
    • Human Causes
      • Site
        • Boscastle built beside the sea of a flood plain at the end of the narrow river valleys
    • Effects
      • approx 1000 residents + visitors affected
      • no fatalities, only one reported casualty
      • 7 helicopters airlifted 100 people to safety
      • 20 out of 31 Cornwall Country Fire Brigades involved assisting in clean up operation
      • 58 properties flooded
      • 4 footbridges along River Valency washed away
      • 84 wrecked cars
      • infrastructure damage to buildings and services could cost up to £2 million
    • Further Prevention Measures
      • 1 in 400 year event - less need to act
      • no one killed - less need to act
      • new culvert on River Jordan


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