The Body Shop

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  • The Body Shop
    • Ethical Trade Journey
      • 1998 - Becomes a member of Ethical Trading Initiative - aims to improve working lives of employees
      • 2005 - Begin to regularly audit their suppliers to ensure that the people making the products are doing so out of choice
      • 2008- Develop a new strategy for ethical trade by ensuring sustainable packaging is used
      • 2010 - Institute of Market Ecology verifies their programme
    • Testing on animals
      • In 1998 the UK banned testing cosmetic products on animals - a victory attributed to the body shop
      • The E.U banned animal testing on cosmetics in 2004
      • The body shop only produce items that are animal cruelty free
    • Is it really ethical?
      • The body shop was purchased by L'Oreal in 2006, a company that has been criticised for its testing products on animals
      • An article in 'The New York Times' claimed the body shop uses extensive amounts of artificial colourings, scents and preservatives
      • The body shop claim they give most of their profits to charity but an investigation showed that it donated no money in it's first 11 years and its philanthropy was poor thereafter
      • They charge Irish consumers up to 50% more than their British counterparts


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