Communication and Culture- The body

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  • The Body
    • 'I speak through my clothes' - Eco
      • We use our bodies to signify who we are and which groups we belong to.
        • Marxist/ Feminist- most of us use our bodies to signify we are 'normal' and fit in.
          • This is not an actual choice but something that is imposed upon us by ideas of normality
          • If we do not conform we will be socially isolated or ridiculed..
            • Those who wish to rebel against the dominant ideology use their bodies to signify this rebellion (status frustration)
              • Self-presenting differently may make us feel better and gain us approval from our peers (Magic signifiers) but it is a futile gesture because as Gramsci suggests rebels are used and dealt with.
              • Subcultures. meaningful attempts to resist the dominant capitalist culture. Those who do not accept either the values of the dominant culture or their position in it.
        • Post Modern- our bodies are equally important as a tool to show identity.
          • Our identity is our own. It is a choice.
            • The mass media gives information and products that allow a range of choices. All identities are valued.
            • We have personal identiities which keep changing and evolving- we are a work in progress. We have fluid/fragmented identities
            • We use out bodies to join style tribes. These make no political statement


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