The Bloody Chamber Analysis

An analysis of The Bloody Chamber

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  • The Bloody Chamber Analysis
    • Themes
      • Violence, gore & death
      • Sexuality
      • Destruction of Innocence
      • Gothic
    • Symbolism
      • White lilies - death flower
      • Mirrors - shows your real self, supernatural connotations
      • Blood - can symbolise either death or life
    • Key Quotes
      • "Into the unguessable country of marriage"
      • "Opulent male scent of leather and spices"
      • "He seemed to me like a lily. Yes, a lily."
      • "A choker of rubies, two inches wide, like an extraordinarily precious slit throat"
      • "The flashing crimson jewels around her throat, bright as arterial blood"
      • "A formal disrobing of the bride, a ritual from the brothel
      • "The lilies I always associate with him; that are white. And stain you."
      • "There is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer"
    • AO2
      • Form
        • The narrative voice, the protagonist, is shown to be an innocent character, so a narrative we find we trust.
        • Narrative voice of innocence juxtaposes the genre
        • Gothic take on a fairytale, "Bluebeard"
      • Structure
        • Begins with reflection upon her past experiences
      • Language
        • Sexual language throughout, juxtaposition to the innocenct narrative - gothic
        • Language linked to animals throughout, "dark mane", "pigeons egg", "naughty monkey"
        • Frequent descriptions of her innocence


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