The Bloody Chamber

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  • The Bloody Chamber
    • Tiger's Bride
      • 'My father lost me to the beast at cards.'
        • 'he has the Devil's knack at cards.'
        • 'Gambling is a sickness.'
      • Could he so easily leave me here?
      • 'War with nature'
    • The Courtship of Mr Lyon
      • 'Miss Lamb, spotless, sacraficial'
      • 'Mr and Mrs Lyon walk in the garden'
    • Title Story
      • 'she bare as a lamb chop'
        • Page 11- sex scene
      • 'I was innocent but not niave'
        • Her innocence. Damsel in Distress
      • 'put an irreproachable bullet through my husbands head'
        • Said quite bluntly. Not much emotion. End of story.
      • 'My little nun has found the prayer book'
        • Her innocence. Damsel in Distress
      • 'A dozen husbands impaled a dozen brides'
        • Mirrors
        • Brides but not wives?
      • 'do not hang the bloody sheets out of the window to prove... you are a virgin'
    • Puss-in-Boots
      • 'tonguing my ********'
      • 'A princess in a tower'
      • 'lubricates his virile'
    • The Erl-King
      • 'Lost themselves in the woods'
        • Changing tenses
      • 'He is an excellent housewife.'
        • Changing tenses
      • '...let the birds free; they will change back into young girls'
      • The Snow Child
        • 'he thrust his virile member into the dead girl'
        • 'It bites'
        • 'I wish I had a girl as white as snow'
      • The Lady of the House of Love
        • 'Tarrot cards'
        • 'In depth she looked... less beautiful... fully human'
        • 'Countess wants fresh meat'
      • The Werewolf
        • 'they have cold weather, they have cold hearts'
        • 'Winter and cold weather.'
      • The Company of Wolves
        • 'She is an unbroken egg; she is a sealed vessel'
        • 'His  genitals, huge. Ah! Huge.
      • Wolf-Alice
        • 'Two-legs looks, four-legs sniffs.'
        • 'He is white as leprosy'


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