The Bloody Chamber

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  • The Bloody Chamber
    • The Narrator
      • Youth + vulnerability
        • infantalised
          • "my little baby"
        • "frail child"
        • "I was 17 and knew nothing of the world"
      • dependent on intervention of heroic rescuer
        • "an avenging angel"
      • curiosity
        • comparable to Eve and Pandora
          • "dark, newborn curiosity"
      • Has considerable agency and is assertive
        • "I asserted myself"
        • "if he had come to me in bed, I would have strangled him"
    • The Marquis
      • Gothic Villain/Protagonist
        • Vampiric
        • High social rank
        • Strongly sexual element
        • Driven by some all-consuming passion
        • Association with what is bestial/non-human
      • Masculine possessivness
        • "Faery solitude of the place"
        • isolation of a woman from society
      • "chthonic gravity of his presence"
        • "chthonic" evokes the underworld and carry echoes of the classical tale of Hades and Persephone
          • isolation of a woman from society
    • Symbolism
      • Bloody Chambers
        • The torture chamber
          • Puts herself in danger of death but also gains the knowledge to prevent her death
      • Virginity
        • Invitation for corruption/violence
          • in taking virginity her blood is spilt
        • source of strength for the girl
          • power in potentia
          • loss of virginity symbolically/literally releases a transformative power
            • power in potentia
      • Sex + violence
        • loss of virginity "impalement"
        • "There is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer


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