The Bloody Chamber- Quotes

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  • The Bloody Chamber
    • There were streaks of pure silver in his dark man
    • He seemed like a lily
    • Opals are bad luck... every bride that came to the castle wore it
    • I was seventeen and knew nothing of the world
    • Into marriage, into exile
    • His castle that lay on the very bosom of the sea
      • Cut off from land for half a day
    • He stripped me as if he were ********* the leaves off an artichoke
    • Anticipation is the greater part of please
    • If I rang for them a maid would bring me chocolates
    • I was innocent but not naive
    • My little nun has found the prayer books
    • Of her apparel she retains only her sonorous jewellery
    • A dozen husbands impales a dozen brides
    • It must have been my innocent that captured him
    • And I longed for him. And he disgusted me
    • No room, no corridor that did not rustle with the sound of the sea
    • With the gargoyles carved on its surfaces of ebony... gold leaf
    • And so my purchaser unwrapped his bargain
    • The lilies I always associate with him; that are white. And stain you
      • Filled my room with lilies until it looked like an embalming palour
    • The girl with tears hanging on her cheeks like stuck pearls
    • The sign of a ruptured virginity
    • I was not afraid of him, but of myself
    • And I longed for him. And he disgusted me
    • This lovely prison of which I was both the inmate and the mistress
    • Nothing in my life of family love and music had prepared me for these grown up games
    • There is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer
    • It seemed a garment of that innocence for which he had lusted after fell away from me
    • A skull so utterly denuded of flesh that it scarcely seemed possible... once been richly upholstered with life
    • This child of the land of vampires
    • Any bride brought to this castle should come dressed in mourning
    • My virgin of the arpreggios, prepare yourself for martyrdom
    • I shall grow hungrier, more ravenous, more cruel
    • Put a single, irreproachable bullet through my husband's head
    • Who ever cried because of gold bath taps?
    • Neither paint nor powder, no matter how thick nor white can mask that red mark on my forehead


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