The Bloody Chamber

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  • The Bloody Chamber
    • 'Are you sure you love him?'
      • 'I dropped the key'
        • ''as if to tell me the eye of God - his eye was upon me'
        • 'I retrieved the key from the pool of blood'
    • 'I'm sure I want to marry him'
      • 'I took the forbidden key'
    • 'that magic place, the fairy castle whose walls were made of foam'
    • 'our destination, my destiny'
      • 'there is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer'
    • 'whiff of the opulent male scent of leather and spices'
      • 'he was blind of course; but young, with a gentle mouth'
        • 'they looked like the trumpets of the angels of death'
    • 'I was 17 and knew nothing of the world'
      • 'and he disgusted me'
        • 'my mothers spirit drove me on'
      • 'mechanically, I began to play but my fingers were stiff and shaking'
    • 'married three times within my own brief lifetime'
    • 'a choker of rubies, two inches wide'
    • 'I caught sight of myself in the mirror'
      • 'the more I scrubbed the key the more vivid grew the stain'
        • 'a dozen appealing girls reflected in as many mirrors'
    • 'I sensed in myself a potentiality for corruption'
      • 'my breasts showed through the flimsy stuff'
    • 'the next day we were married'
    • 'into marriage, into exile'
      • 'this lovely prison'
      • 'The secrets of Pandora's box; but he had given me the box himself knowing I must learn the secret'
    • 'mirrors on all the walls'
      • 'I knew I had behaved exactly according to his desires'
    • 'a formal disrobing of the bride, a ritual from the brothel'
      • 'mother I have gold bath taps'
      • 'I forced myself to be seductive'
    • 'bare as a lamb chop'
      • 'I asserted myself'
    • 'he closed my legs like a book'
      • 'A dozen husbands impaled a dozen brides'
    • 'I shivered to think of that'
    • 'he made me put on my chocker/
      • 'not the key to my heart, rather the key to my enfer'
        • 'the whizz of that heavy sword'
      • 'at last a file  marked: personal'
    • 'He kissed me and laid his hand imperatively upon my breast'
      • 'the puppet master, open-mouthed, wide eyed'
        • 'his dolls break free of their strings'
  • 'a choker of rubies, two inches wide'


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