The Blood System

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  • The Blood System
    • Circulatory system
      • Transports substances around the body.
      • Two separate sirculatory systems
        • One for the lungs
        • One for all other organs in the body.
    • Heart
      • Organ
      • Pumps blood around the body.
      • Wall of the heart is made from muscle tissue.
      • 4 main chambers
        • Left and right atria
        • Left and right ventricle
      • Blood enters the atria of the heart.
        • The atria contract and force blood into the ventricals.
          • The ventricals force blood out of the heart.
            • Valves in the heard ensure blood is flowing in the right direction.
              • Blood flows from the heart to organs throw arteries and return throught veins.
    • Arteries
      • Thick walls containing muscle and elastic fibre.
      • If arteries begin to narrow and restrict blood flow stents are used to keep them open.
    • Veins
      • Thinner walls than arteries
      • Have valves to prevent back-flow.
    • Capillaries
      • Have very narrow, thin walls.
        • Substances needed by the body pass out of the blood,
        • Substances produced by cells pass into the blood


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