The Blood

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  • The Blood
    • Red blood cells
      • Transport oxygen to all cells in the body.
      • Biconvex disc shape increases surface area to allow more oxygen to be aborbed.
      • No nucleus allows for more space for oxygen to be stored.
    • White blood cells
      • Form part of the body's defence system against pathogens.
      • Produce antibodies, antitoxins and engulf pathogens.
    • Platelets
      • Small fragments of cells
      • Don't have a nucleus
      • Help to reduce blood loss by producing a clot at the site of a wound.
    • Plasma
      • Soluble products of digestion from the small intestine.
      • CO2 transorted from respiring cells to alveoli
      • Urea transported from liver to the kidneys where it is removed in urine.


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