The Blood

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  • The Blood
    • Blood is a tissue
    • Consists of a fluid called PLASMA
      • In which red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are suspended
    • Blood plasma transports
      • Carbon dioxide from organs to lungs
      • Soluble products of digestion from small intestines to other organs
      • Urea from lover to the kidneys
    • Red blood cells
      • Transport oxygen from lungs to organs
      • Have no nucleus
      • Packed with red pigment named haemoglobin
        • In LUNGS
          • Haemoglobin combines with oxygen to form oxyhaemoglobin
          • In OTHER ORGANS
            • Oxyhaemoglobin splits up into haemoglobin and oxygen
    • Platelets
      • Small fragments of cells
      • Have NO nucleus
      • Help blood CLOT at the site of a WOUND
    • White Blood Cells
      • Have no nucleus
      • Form part of body's defense system against microorganisms


Lucy Kirk


White blood cells:-  have a nucleus!

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